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Index for Inclusion: developing play, learning and participation in early years and childcare

The Index in use

Seeing the difference the Index process has made to the children really has been most rewarding; they feel valued.

This has been a shared venture between parents/carers, children and staff.

I feel that the staff have more knowledge now about what the parents/carers would like for their children.

Parents/carers talk to us more now. Perhaps they feel we are more approachable as we involved them by asking for their comments.

The chairman of our management committee has set up a small group to develop the use of the Index further, now that it has proved itself to be so useful.

The discussion with parents/carers and children on the dimensions and indicators provided the most profound work on the Index.

This updated version of the Index for Inclusion is a detailed set of materials to help support early years and childcare settings to increase the participation of all children and young people in learning and play.

The Index is aimed at all practitioners in these settings and builds on the widespread success in the UK and overseas of the 2004 edition.


The Index for Inclusion (early years and childcare version) has been translated and/or adapted for use in a number of countries around the world. As at November 2009 there are seven completed translations, while another three are in progress.

If you would like to translate the Index for Inclusion into your language, please contact the CSIE office to see if the translation rights are available, in the first instance. We will also explain our standard terms and conditions. We do not charge a fee for granting permission to translate CSIE resources but may want to discuss finances if translated materials are then sold for profit.

If you have already been granted permission to translate, print and sell the Index in your country, please complete and return this form to the CSIE office.

Please see below for a list of languages in which the Index for Inclusion (early years and childcare version) is currently available. Some of these translations can be accessed through the Enabling Education Network (EENET) website.

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